About Mary Bess Davis


Mary Bess Davis (nee Sigman) was literally “born to ride”. Mary Bess comes from an equestrian family who placed her in the saddle as a toddler and who had her competing and foxhunting as a small child. Her father is Dr. Michael Sigman—who was an FEI veterinarian—who has been a vital asset to Mary Bess’ decisions and the care of her horses. Her mother and also upper level eventing horse owner, Catharine Sigman, can often be found at the shows supporting Mary Bess and all her students. While Mary Bess’ true passion is Three Day Eventing, she is a true “horsewoman”, she has participated in a multitude of disciplines including Pony Club, Hunters, and Vaulting. She successfully managed horse farms while receiving a college degree in Biology from the University of Georgia, all the while building her Triple Creek Eventing business training, selling horses and coaching students. Mary Bess has brought a handful of horses up through the Advanced/CCI**** level and has many accomplished students that have ranked in the top of the country at their level. She has had young riders' compete at NAYRC winning silver and bronze team and individual medals for the CCI** and CCI*** levels.  Mary Bess prides herself on working with a variety of horses and students and loves “bringing horses and students up the levels”. Some of Mary Bess’ most recent highlights include:

  • 2nd Place Finish- Poplar Place CCIS*** 2012
  • 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Place Finish- The Fork CIC3*/CIC2* Ht , April 2012 OI and OP divisions
  • Completion 2019 CCIL** at Ocala International aboard Firestone
  • A multitude of top five finishes at the Preliminary level and below in 2018 and 2019.
  • 11th Place Finish—Jersey Fresh International Four-Star Event, May 2005, Mojo Rising
  • 6th Place Finish—Ocala International Three-Star Event, April 2007, Glen Morangie
  • 2008 United States Eventing Developing Rider List (one of twenty in USA)
  • Spring 2009 rankings:
    • Ranked 41st on USA Eventing Leaderboard
    • Mount “Guinness” ranked 3rd on USA Eventing Intermediate Leaderboard
  • 2nd Place Finish—Ocala International Three-Star Event, April 2009, Guinness 
  • 4th Place Finish—The Fork Horse Trials (Intermediate), April 2009
  • Multiple top five finishes on young up-and-coming horses


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